Change Brand Logo In Wishing Scripts created with HK Technical Wishing Script Maker

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Here are some amazing update to wishing scripts installed on your website. The Wishing Scripts created with HK Technical Wishing Script Maker are applicable for auto updates from HK Technical to enhance the loading performance and feasibility.

Now you can easily change Brand Logo in your wising script by making slight coding to your wishing script.

You can replace this "Create & Download Wishing Script" Logo with your logos, by making following changes in your script source code.

Find the code logo-hktechnical in your script code. And follow the instructions below.

if not available, Add the following code just after the opening body tag <body> .

<img data-src="image-url" id="logo-hktechnical"/>

Change the image-url from above code and replace with your image url.


Image must be 300px width & 100px height.

You may use Jpg, jpeg, png, gif, or any other image format.

You can only apply this change only in themes with 'M-HKTWSM' template code . In case if you using other theme update this with M-HKTWSM,S-HKTWSM template. You can identify latest theme as following code would be in your source code.

/* -----------------------------------------------

Theme Info:

Template: M-HKTWSM - HK Technical Wishing Script Maker

----------------------------------------------- */

Where to upload image (in case of blogger)

  • if your are using for your hosting. You can upload your image in a post/page.
  • Simply create a page and upload image to the page in your blogspot. You may leave page a draft or published.
  • Get the image URL from the page in code view or by right click on image -> Copy Image URL.
  • Paste the url in the code given above on place of image-url.

Make sure you have made it exactly as the example given below.

<img data-src=" id="logo-hktechnical"/>

If you having some trouble, comment below or contact to support service.


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