New Updated [Version] to HK Technical Wishing Script Maker

edited November 2020 in General

We are continuously updating our services. We are again here with a new update in HK Technical Wishing Script Maker.

Considering the usage and users reviews we have updated some feature to more convenient and easy to use.

Feature Updated:

  1. User and Developer Mode Switching (scroll down to read more.)
  2. Logged in User as Prime Mode
  3. Enhanced Users Privacy
  4. Customizable themes.
  5. Custom curtain selection.
  6. Custum Whatsapp Share Text Message
  7. You can upload custom Image.
  8. You can now upload custom Audio.
  9. Custom Message on Curtain (Welcome Text).
  10. Fixed some bugs.

User and Developer Mode Switching

Switching enable for Developer. Glowing Green LED For Developer show developer mode is enable. And the background changes to purple in developer mode.

For switching to user mode back, just click again on the glowing developer LED. Non Glowing Developer Green LED shows you are in user mode.

Logged in User as Prime Mode

Prime mode is automatically enable on login. Prime mode provides a lot of benefits.

Without Prime Mode, You can create wishing script using all feature but you can't save the created script in your profile. Script may be deleted automatically without your concern. You will not have the permission to keep it as long as you want or delete it immediately. Your script will not be private. It will be published on public posts and can be accessible from Public posts.

With Prime Mode, You can use all features. You can keep your script hidden/private (Only accessible from your profile). You can save script in you profile as long as you want & you can delete it any time from your profile dashboard.


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